5sos the video game (credit) (insp) (insp 2)

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Anonymous said:
you're one of my favorite 5sos blogs i swear i stalk everyday you're so funny you deserve the best


oh my thank you

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Anonymous said:
do you know the interview were Calum calls Ashton daddy?
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the fact that I’ve made luke smile and giggle makes me feel amazing

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*angles laptop away from whoever sits next to me*

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me about calum

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Anonymous said:
If said bug bites are all over and big then it was probably a mosquito and if they were small and close together it was probably a spider like spiders have those pinchers or whatever so there will be two bumps close together

i think ive got both cause ive got plenty of different bites ugh thank you!

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can i cry now

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5 Seconds of Summer: Expert Selfie Takers

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officialftrband said:
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^^^^^^^^ ! :D

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lostbhoy replied to your post: how do i tell if a bite is a mosquito …

wait until morning, see if you are spiderman

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Anonymous said:
Spider bites usually have two bumps right next to each other, mosquitoes have only one. And mosquito bites itch. Spider bites usually kind of hurt

i can definitely see the two bumps in one of my bites, the bites are very wide and very red

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nosociallifenoproblems replied to your post: how do i tell if a bite is a mosquito …

A spider bite is much wider and a mosquito bite is a smaller bump

its 1cm wide and it has the shape of a grand canyon mountain

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how do i tell if a bite is a mosquito bite or a spider bite?

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